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Ecovillage info, we are building a network of people that want to build Ecovillage’s

Environmentalists Would Buy the Land but its not that simple
Environmentalists Would Buy the Land but listen to this guy tell it [...]
Tiny Tranquility is a Tiny House Community located on the central [...]
Eco Village BedZED
The BedZED eco village is a sustainable housing development based in [...]
Lambcottage explores Ecovillage are they the future?
The lamb cottage foundation started on the central cost to create an [...]
Legal Tiny Houses
Welcome to the Port Townsend EcoVillage. It's a progressive-minded [...]
Eco-Villages across the US
In this video, I cover six Eco-villages that exist in the US... I hope [...]
Discovering the ecovillage's of Europe
COMMUNITIES OF HOPE is a film born from a quest to discover a [...]
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