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To get to know how our organization works Call or text us at (971) 300 4712 for more info.

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ECO Scout member

Bring the Kids

This is one of the best parts in the Northern Oregon area. Kids all love it.

Talk and Share

We like to meet with other ECO people. Share your story and ideas too.

Enjoy the Day

We are a group interested in doing things. Bringing about change and helping others.

We are doing a tour of local places in Oregon

We have started an organization for climate change activists. We think that people are needed to get together locally and globally. We’ve created the tools and platform that people can do or use this in a way that is needed to bring about change plus, you can do this in your own city and on your extra time. This is only good for a person really interested in doing something about climate change. We’re looking for people to partner with that would like to start local chapters of ECO Scouts. Our group encourage helping children learn also, be part of this organization with their family too. We do this as a family project to bring people together to do things about climate change. We’re a not for profit.

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