“ For a limited time we are doing business tour videos to showcase our work and your company”

To get to know how our organization works we will produce a video about what you have to say about climate change or about local companies in Northern Oregon. They will be published on our YouTube video channel and here on our website. “This is a $200.00 value ” Call or text us at (503) 212 4099 for more info. Just register to be a member to get started.

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Bring the Kids

This is one of the best parts in the Northern Oregon area. Kids all love it.

Talk and Share

We like to meet with other ECO people. Share your story and ideas too.

Enjoy the Day

We are a group interested in doing things. Bringing about change and helping others.

We have started an organization for climate change activists

You can do this in your own city, in your extra time

We have started an organization for climate change activists. We think that people are needed to get together locally and globally. We’ve created the tools and platform that people can do or use this in a way that is needed to bring about change plus, you can do this in your own city and on your extra time. If you always, wanted to be your own boss this may be for you. This is only good for a person really interested in doing something about climate change. You can create your own type of meeting based on your ideas by working with our platform. We’re looking for people to partner with that would like to start local chapters of ECO Scouts. Our group encourage helping children learn also, be part of this organization with their family too. We do this as a family project to bring people together to do things about climate change. We’re a not for profit. If this sounds interesting we have on-line Skype events where you can share ideas to try to build an organization that works if you are to far to come to a meeting. On Meetup you can find ECO Scouts we can make you an organizer for your area. This is a way that you can be in charge of a ECO organization representing your region or city. We can provide support in things that may be needed to put on meetings and events. People need to do things to bring about change. To wait for politicians or corporations to do things about the problem may be too late or not enough. People need to have more people based solutions to build a network of like minded people helping each other. We’ve a different way of doing things as other non-profits and people interested in climate activism. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We’re NOT a political group. We want to bring change thru education and science, building a network of people. We have channels on FaceBook, YouTube and Meetup. We need your media too, we distribute media, provide support, education plus other resources to help people. Visit our YouTube Channel just search for ECO Scouts. We teach you about running meeting and work with you anywhere you are thru the Internet. This an opportunity and can be profitable for everyone. Having been involved with many social movements we have a fresh approach to making change possible. However this is not an organization interested in demonstrations. There are many organizations like that. We are interested in building for the future putting children first. They are the ones that have to survive what people have done over many the years ignoring this problem. We are a family orientated group interested in survival and developing land for sustainable living. Our goal is to build a profitable organization for the members. There will be a lot of new types of products and the need to retrofit housing. A growing industry based on new needs for clean energy and local grown food products. Call or text us at (503) 212 4099 for more info.

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