Eco scouts makes things in America and we offer information and knowledge. Located in the Portland area near Wood Village. We have collected rare natural stone beads from all over the world. Scout master Regina is teaching people and the scouts the art of bead making. Regina is part Cherokee America Indian and has bead making in her blood. Healing stones can provide a range of health benefits, from reducing anxiety to building mental strength. Stones from the earth make people more connected to our planet.

Eco-Scouts of America

ECO Scouts are “Guardians of Nature” A multigenerational ECO Organization

An organization promoting nature and sustainable living

ECO Scouts -Made in the USA – Arts and Crafts

Get In Touch

..Call or text us at (971) 300 4712 for more info. We are building our organization by making things and selling them and offering other services. The ECO scouts are looking for people and companies that want to be apart of our organization. We help young people start a business. We are hiring NOW… Call us.. 971-300-4712

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