Eco-Scouts of America

ECO Scouts are “Guardians of Nature” A multigenerational ECO Organization. An organization promoting nature and sustainable living. Join to become an Eco-Scout or a Scout leader

ECO Scouts makes a difference by finding new ECO friendly products and solutions

A place for people to exchange information and knowledge. Weather change problems and climate events can happen anywhere. Flooding, fires, and other catastrophes will be on the rise.

Get In Touch

Call or text us at (503) 212 4099 for more info. Our main team of volunteers are working on the main office in Oregon. The ECO scouts are looking for people and companies that want to be apart of our organization.

We are an ECO community and publish info and solutions

ECO Learning

Visit our blog or see some of our movies

ECO Projects

We have started a Land Development project

ECO Generators

We offer many energy solutions and products

ECO Housing

We are building an ECO village be part of it.

River 2– Learn More

AC OUTLETS AND 768Wh CAPACITY The RIVER 2 can power up to 6 devices simultaneously with multiple outlet options. It offers up to 768-W power and it weighs just 7.8 lbs. Just $299 – join ECO-Scouts to enter to win one!

Delta 2 Learn More

Output of 800W handles 90% of electronics. X-Boost that number to 1600W and suddenly your toaster oven, table saw, and hairdryer become battery-powered. One of the Best units for the money

Delta Max – Learn More

Home emergency power expands with smart extra batteries, keeping your home powered on in any emergency. Use it as a solar powered generator. Plug in your wall or charge by car

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