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Multigenerational ECO Organization ECO Scouts is a organization promoting nature and sustainable living. We invite participation and advice join and become an Eco-Scout or a Scout leader. Join the fight to live and build a better planet. We provide a place to learn. teach and support to ECO friendly people and companies.

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We have on-line Zoom events where you can share ideas to try to build an organization

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A People based solution to build a network of like minded people helping each other

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We are setting up the main location in Beaverton, Oregon. Donate here to help us move.

An organization for climate change activists.

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Create your own type of meeting based on your ideas by working with us

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Helping children learn, be part of this organization with your family too.

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We’re a not for profit. “Be the change you want to see in the world”

ECO Scouts will publish news and information about Ukraine

Join our fight for freedom from the oil industry. People will have to use it till it is replaced by clean energy. The answer is to grow more clean energy and out supply the need for oil. Put in in the hands of the people. Make the oil companies diversify to developing clean energy.

A place for activists to exchange information and knowledge. The website is ready for you to join now so you can be apart of the community. Create a profile by registering to our site. Then start adding news and information just like you would using FaceBook. Weather change problems and climate events can happen anywhere. Flooding, fires, and other catastrophes will be on the rise. Scouts can be mobilized to deal with the ongoing problems that will only increase. The scouts goal is to create a fellowship of people that want to teach and learn and create an organization that can used to bring about change and hands on experiences for people that want to be apart of ways to bring awareness and public action. Teach young and older people to enjoy and learn about nature and what they can do to be guardians of it. People need places to get together and do things like learn about growing organic food and retrofitting housing that is more sustainable. We are also finding products and resources that people may need to be more energy efficient. We are creating a plan for people anywhere can start a local chapter of ECO Scouts and create events for local communities to take action. We have Zoom meeting twice a month or call or text us at (503) 212 4099 for more info. Our main team of volunteers are working on the main office in the Portland, Oregon area. The ECO scouts are looking for local Portland people and companies that want to be apart of our main organization. Activists and everyone anywhere are invited to join and add your information and knowledge.

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