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Land “it’s all about the Earth”

Steve Jobs was a visionary. “Think different” I thinks was his most famous tag line. When it come to looking for the solution to the environmental problems that is a requirement. We all live on a planet hurling thru space so in a sense we are all space travelers on star ship earth. This planet is always changing and evolving. The biggest impact on earth now is man kinds footprint. Things will have to get worse before the human race try’s to solve the big problems and wakes up. One thing that you can not make is more land on the earth. For 20 years I have been telling people and for the most part it always falls on deft ears. So now I focus on people that can hear, think and see the problem that mankind will face. The impact is now in full view as weather events happen weekly in one part of the world or other. One solution is change the way we live. The way housing and cities are build currently is not the best it could be. In most places conventional housing does not have much land area. Housing is built to make banks, builders, corporations that own rentals, insurance companies and cities rich in taxes. As we become more of a have and have not population home ownership is just a dream to many. The American dream is no longer for everyone. Poor and working class people that just live in a state of being renters is not a good thing for anyone except the real estate corporations and landlords that own where they live. All properties should have way more land area. Captures carbon and heals the planet. Carbon sequestration is a naturally occurring process that happens when you have a lush backyard, raw land or planting plants that produce CO2 and absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, and bind it into biomass. Traditional building gives you limited land area. ECO Scouts is working with members and investors to buy land to develop in a new way. Some members are working on plans for developing land area that will not only be beautiful gardens and outdoor space but absorb carbon and provide living space and housing and industrial space for investor/members. We strongly encourage people to buy as much raw land area as they can and save it for the task of carbon sequestration and future generations. One of the reasons why people will move to safer areas in the future will be because they are climate migrants or victims of a changing planet. Climate change will change everyone and the world in the future. Some people want to build organizations to protest. We think it is more effective to work together with people that want to buy land, build and do things. We have done extensive research on the best places in America to live that are natural resistant to climate change. We found there is no place on earth that will not be effected. However there are lots of places that will be effected in extreme ways. Not only will the Climate will be changing but will cause all kinds of financial distress. In the end is will cost more the world wars, collapse companies and governments. Climate Change create a lot of confusion and stress in all kinds of ways. The world will change no matter if you want it or not. To depend of anyone or the government to solve this problem is not realistic. People have to make a change in their goals and purpose in life and move forward. Young people going to school have a lot of time before they have to have a job or finish their education. They should not take things as certain in their lives by listing to people that are preparing you for a world that has no plan for survival. You will need not only to have a plan A for things as they are but a plan B and maybe C if things go real bad.

Wildfires and Smoke

Wildfire and smoke education resources are available in a number of languages, file types and formats on a wide range of topics. Though not an exhaustive list, common tools include fact sheets, FAQs, social media videos, and social media graphics. Examples of topics include wildfire preparedness, what to do during a severe smoke event, creating a cleaner air space and more.

Please note each button below will take you to a complete list of tools in the desired language. Please note that the button will open a new tab or window. You may need to use the back button or close the new tab or window to return to the Oregon Health Authority Wildfires page. Scouts take a look at this page if you need help.

ECO-Scouts is organizing in Northern Oregon

We have moved our not for profit to the Portland region of Oregon. We are trying to meet local activists and people that want to bring about change by doing things and organizing companies that have an interest in helping people to be more aware of nature and moving forward. We are looking for people that want to help build our new location in Oregon. We also have Skype meeting twice a month or on demand with other people in the ECO industry. The scouts goal is to create a fellowship of people that want to teach and learn and create an organization that can used to bring about change and hands on experiences for people that want to be apart of ways to bring awareness and public action. People need places to get together and do things like learn about growing organic food and retrofitting housing that is more sustainable. We are also finding products and resources that people may need to be more energy efficient. Portland is an area that is more ECO friendly than a lot of other places and the scouts are looking for local Portland people and companies that want to be apart of our organization. Weather change climate events can happen anywhere. Flooding, fires, and other catastrophes will be on the rise. Scouts can be mobilized to deal with the ongoing problems that will only increase. Call or text us at (503) 212 4099 this number works with Skype too.

Vladimir Putin’s WAR

Eco Scouts declares war on Vladimir Putin’s WAR with the truth. The war in Ukraine and all the other wars since the Vietnam war is really about oil. Just looking at what’s going on today it is what really what is the cause of climate change. It’s all about the oil and who controls it. The money it brings is allowing people to become an Authoritarianism form of government characterized by the rejection of political plurality, the use of a strong central power to preserve the political aims. Russia isn’t any form of communist government any more. It now depends on oil and people using it. This is the danger to all the world that an industry based on corrupting governments. This industry is also destroying the environment and everyone’s future to live in a world that isn’t free from it. There is something we can do about it. People should call for the nationalization of oil supplies. This refers to the process of confiscation of oil production operations and private property, generally in the purpose of obtaining more revenue from oil for oil-producing countries’ governments. Oil should be something everyone to have a say in it. The government has all kinds of land that belongs to every citizen. Why not use it for everyone’s benefit and not lease it to private companies. This isn’t not only a problem with Russia, it’s a problem for all over the world. Russia used it’s revenue from oil to product arms and build a war machine. The ECO Scouts will publish news and information and raise funds to benefit Ukraine. Join our fight for freedom from the oil industry. People will have to use it till it is replaced by clean energy. The answer is to grow more clean energy and out supply the need for oil. Put in in the hands of the people. Make the oil companies diversify to developing clean energy. We think that people are needed to get together locally and globally. We’ve created the tools and platform that can help people connect. You can do this in your own city and on your extra time. If you always, wanted to be your own boss this may be for you. Be a scout leader or join our organization to share your ideas too. This is good place for a person that are really interested in doing something about climate change.

Join the War for Ukraine

While people are victims and everyone is paying at the pump the oil companies are making record profits. Governments pay for wars and oil companies profit even more when there are shortages. There is something we can do about it. This is not only a problem with Russia it is a problem all over the world. The ECO Scouts will publish news and information and help get funds to benefit Ukraine. Join our fight for freedom from the oil industry. In the immediate future this war may be the beginning of world war 3 and everyone should be prepared for a wake up call. Freedom from oil can bring about lots of benefits in many ways for everyone. Ukraine is showing the world what freedom is all about and what is holding everyone back for a future world that is a better one. America has become divided and dysfunctional in just understanding what it stands for. Ukraine is bringing things in focus and showing everyone what greed and what an authoritarian government can do. Oil is the root of all kinds of problems. Russia is ruled by the few for their own gains and that is what happens when this kind of government grows. If we are going to create a world where people can live and a be free this is not the way. Unfortunately you can not stop many things but you can create new paths to making things better. The first thing people have to do is lose their addiction to oil and gas. Clear energy is now cheaper that dirty energy. Here are a few ideas you can post or join us too to add yours. Do not buy a new car that runs on gas. People should start being not consumers in things that make dirty energy needed. Keep your car on the road till you are ready to buy a car more eco friendly all car makers are offering electric and hybrid cars. As the production goes up and the demand for gas cars goes down. That is what you will be probable driving in the future. ECO Scouts is all about sharing ideas so please join us add your ideas and knowledge too. Take a good look at where you money goes and how you live. The world is a network of supply and demand. Where people spend money is what creates the demand. There is only so much oil, air and land in the world. Climate change is a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger. The time to think and do different things in a different way is here. We are watching what is going on in Ukraine and it looks like we all have to fight for freedom from people, governments and companies that keep things the way there are. People will always need some type of way to power homes and cars. Why not be part of the change learn about solutions and use clean energy. To reduce the need for oil directly impacts our wars and dictators that use oil to further their hold over everyone.

Spaceship Earth: What Can I Do?

In 2012 I decided to combine my musical gifts with my love of art and passion to reach people in a unique way and inspire us all to be better stewards.

I was born south of Cleveland, Ohio, in the small town of Berea, near the Cuyahoga River, which used to catch on fire in the 1960s because it was so polluted. I remember doing art projects in 4th grade on those fires. Between that and growing up in the beautiful Midwest woods, connecting with nature and knowing the names of all the birds and trees, I’ve been deeply inspired to care about our beautiful planet Earth.

My favorite class in college was entitled “Spaceship Earth,” a term coined by Buckminster Fuller in 1952. On the first day of class, we were asked to close our eyes and “imagine we’re on a spaceship, way out in space. We’ve only got so much air, so much water…” I got it right away! That’s us, Earth. We have a limited amount of resources that will not be replaced!

These are the kind of stories I share in “Spaceship Earth” along with art, photography (renowned John Fielder and Karl Snyder), science, and live music! The engaging presentation encourages use of both the left and right parts of the brain, making for an even stronger impact.

Eco-Cycle of Boulder, Colorado (one of the first curbside recycle programs in the USA in 1976) and the Environmental Protection Agency state that over 40% of our greenhouse emissions come from the way products are extracted, produced, transported, and gotten rid of (even recycling takes energy). They also say that striving for zero waste is one of the easiest and quickest ways to fight climate change.

Even if you are skeptical about the science of climate change, if you think about our population being close to 8 billion and growing exponentially, it’s clear we cannot continue living our “disposable lifestyle” and sustain life on our planet.

So please join me and become a Jedi for Spaceship Earth!


More Info/Videos:

The three R’s are Reduce Reuse Recycle in order of importance so Reduce and Reuse are so crucial in today’s “disposable society”!


The Legal way of funding

Each chapter of ECO-Scouts is owned by the chapter organizer.

They are in charge of collecting donations or offering fundraising products to the general public. We’re a Not for profit business so the way each chapter works is as their own entity. There isn’t  shame of  collecting donations. The most famous person’s that has raised the most amount of money but,  as long as you receive the money in the name of the person as an individual that is all you need to be legal. Anyone can receive money as a gift you don’t need to be a legal organization or non-profit. This is commonly done in religion the money is gifted to a person. That person has to declare the money as income for any tax reasons. ECO-Scouts in California is not responsible for your income. That is why each chapter belongs to an individual not the Not for Profit as a whole. We feel if you a good person trying to do something about climate change you will do the wise thing with the money you collect. You should use it for expenses you have plus use it to put on creative events. That could be for scouting trips or many other events that may work for your local community. Each group may have a different mix of people or needs. The founder and creator of the idea for ECO-Scouts focuses on creating news, websites, FaceBook, YouTube, Media and ideas. Meetings on-line will help everyone learn from each other.

Climate change activists help wanted

We have started an organization for climate change activists. You can do this in your own city in your extra time. If you have ever wanted to be your own boss this may be for you. This is only good for a person really interested in doing something about climate change. You can create your own type of meeting based on your ideas by working with our platform. We are looking for people to partner with that would like to start local chapters of ECO Scouts. ECO Scouts is a startup organization started by a 6 year old child. Our group encourages letting children be owners and part of this organization thru family ventures. We do this as a family project and a not a large non-profit. We provide support in things that may be needed to put on meetings of events. If this sounds interesting we have on-line Zoom events where you can meet the team. You would have to want to meet on-line. Just do a search on Meetup to find our group you will be an organizer so add yourself to the group at This is a way that you can be in charge of a ECO organization representing your region or city. This is a start up organization and we have a different way of doing things as other non-profits and people interested in climate activism. It would take just 2 hours of your time a month to put on a meeting. We run our group like a democracy and teach people to be enterprising. We are NOT a political group. Our group has experience with creating media, social networking and computer skills. We need your media too, we distribute media provide support, education and resources to help people to share social media. We are making movies and would like to include movies or clips you have made. Visit our YouTube Channel just search ECO Scouts. We teach you about running meeting and work with you anywhere you are thru the Internet. This can be a money making opportunity our group is based on making this profitable for members and the organizer. Having been involved with many social movements we have a fresh approach to making change possible. We have members that were in Occupy so we know what it’s like to be on the front line do you? However this is not an organization interested in demonstrations. We are interested in building for the future putting children first. A family orientated group interested in survival. Our goal is to build a profitable organization for the members. If this sounds interesting please contact us you can call or text (714) 786-8878 this is also our Skype number for on-line meetings and interviews. Our website can give you a good idea of what we are doing visit the blog section you can read articles about our mission to build and ECO network of climate change activists. This is an opportunity that does not require a lot of time on your part and can provide income and spread awareness about global warming. Perfect for students.

How we help everyone share

The help by creating a platform for others. There are many related organizations and causes that we support. Our organization is focused on our members. It is a good idea to listen to what other people are saying and doing. Many people have ideas about how to bring about change or related news or products. That is why we  create media that is good to watch here on our website and can be shared using social media platforms, we  have a YouTube Channel. We help people distribute media and movies that they’ve created also, we’ve create movies to be shared too. Members are encouraged to film members giving talks or of your meetings and events.  We will help distribute them so others can learn from others  plus,  there are many new products and services that are ECO friendly people should all be aware of. We’re always interested in helping other people share what they have too offer our members. You can contact us and see how we can help. Scout leaders running meeting should find out what local companies have ECO friendly products and services you can tell members about. Those type of companies (Ex a solar company) may like to help sponsor your meetings or give a presentation to your group. Members of your group may have skills or make hand made things, grow organic things, make cookies or other things to help be a source of income.  And example of this is if for instance you have a meeting in a park let members have a table to sell or give away other information or products or services they have. This is creating a farmers market fell to your meetings. One of the groups that I was in had what they called the circle of truth.  That was before a meeting they would go around the group of people and each one would introduce themselves and say what brings them here, and what would they would like to say or bring to the table.

How ECO-Scouts works

To make it clear how ECO-Scouts works it is made of individual people a multi-generational organization all ages are welcomed. We facilitate people to start monthly meetings in different regions and cities.  We try to find a person to be the leader of a local group. We work with them to have regular meetings. The focus of the meeting is up the team leader and the members to decided for each chapter.  Climate change isn’t go away also, it’s only be an ongoing problem in the years to come.  I’m one of the founders writing this and through my experience of 20 years trying to tell people about climate change that people don’t take it seriously or doesn’t  think it’s real. Unfortunately we’re seeing it in real live time. It’s taking out whole cities and burning whole areas of natural land to the ground. I don’t think it is something that can be solved just by changing laws or supporting politicians. People need to be apart of the change. So we have a plan to take action. We put on meetings here in Garden Grove, CA. monthly and online using Skype. We have a places on Meetup, FaceBook, YouTube and other places to promote meetings. We are trying to get other people to work with us to put on meetings and events all over. ECO Scouts is an organization promoting nature and sustainable living. Benefit from learning and networking with others that think the same way. Our idea is to build an movement that is about doing things about it.  There are a lot of people that do this through protesting, however this way may make an impact but, people need more than that. By building a group you can do things that are profitable and rewarding that can change peoples lives. Many organization and non-profits take donations to do this. Fund raising for things like camping trips,  teach people about the environment or helping a local person or business hit by disaster seem to be more valid than  raising money for protesting. People need to connect and uplift each other and be around others that have the same passion.

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