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ECO-Scouts gives away power solutions win a River or Delta unite by signing up to be a full member of the ECO SCOUTS. We will need your info so we can ship your prize if you win. ECO Scouts is a organization promoting nature and sustainable living. Join the fight to live and build a better planet. We provide a place to learn. teach and support to ECO friendly people and companies. To enter the contest just click button (Add to Cart ) By completing it you will be entered in the Free give away .

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River 2– Learn More

AC OUTLETS AND 768Wh CAPACITY The RIVER 2 can power up to 6 devices simultaneously with multiple outlet options. It offers up to 768-W power and it weighs just 7.8 lbs. Just $299 – join ECO-Scouts to enter to win one!

Delta 2 Learn More

Output of 800W handles 90% of electronics. X-Boost that number to 1600W and suddenly your toaster oven, table saw, and hairdryer become battery-powered. One of the Best units for the money

Delta Max – Learn More

Home emergency power expands with smart extra batteries, keeping your home powered on in any emergency. Use it as a solar powered generator. Plug in your wall or charge by car

We help people make money by distributing these power solutions. Take a look at what you may win. Mankind and nature are connected, the future generations need to appreciate and have a connection with the environment. We are looking for people of all ages to get involved with teaching and learning and enjoying nature with other local people in your own community or on-line. Benefit from learning and networking with others that think the same way. Survival will depend on people dealing with the climate change problem. Carbon capture and regeneration is the long term best solutions. We have a plan that will help people make money or prizes by offering ECO products and services.

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