Our Story about ECO-Scouts

Unite People

Future Generations

For the Kids

This is our story about how we started ECO-Scouts of America. ECO-Scouts is an organization type of business owed and operated by a family. It started as a hope of the father of Skyler Ted Bucuvalas that his son will be able to live a better life and deal with all the changes to come. Skyler is the president of ECO-Scouts he is 7 years old now. My name is Karl the father and publisher of the ECO-Scouts website and created a business to grow for my son and his generation. I stared my first business in 1972 at that time i just got kick out of my home and dropped of High School to start my first business. I made and sold hand made products made in America. After over 50 years became semi retired. I have always looked at the world different then most people and want to help my son build a business from the ground up. The ideas that i have are for people that like to think they can change the world and want to invest in their children to learn, create and build. There are things that everyone can do but most people don’t care, do not see the value, do not have a plan or are to busy in their lives to be apart of this type of organization. It is for people to be apart of a business that will help them with their future needs.

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