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  • Day Valley rd Aptos, California United States

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Day Valley rd Aptos, California United States

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Who is Vivante? It start’s with an Expanded Vision of Home Love through Evidence! Purpose To create cohesive systems, accentuating the whole-human as a standard of living. Inspire a three-hundred-and-sixty degree view of the individual, a group and the world. To identify “what is” as accurately as possible. Our mission includes Establish models for “living it at home”: Who am I, who are you, who are we? Develop models that include all human parts: economic, intellectual, physical, psychological, sexual, social, and spiritual. Research strategies – gathered from the experience of living with a group – for human intentional evolution which have shown specific outcomes for personal and group awareness: to see “what is”, with the intent to further Life. Document and share discoveries for a “whole” vision of humanity as we live with each other: “The way to peace is by knowing ourselves, a lifelong examined life.”

Community Description

Accelerating humans into their potential

Changing your view of you The Vivante Community is both a location and a decade-plus selected and developed group of social structures. These social structures, and the group of individuals whom reside together or participate, are referred to as Vivante.

Through experience, this group chooses and engineers systems that have the best results to discover what our personal inner condition “is”.

What might be possible as we become more aware of who we are individually and who we are in relationship to others?

We recognize this awareness springs forth from moving in the direction of self-responsibility, transparency, and compassion; while living together, finding strategies that might reveal Love as a state of being.

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