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Springhouse build regenerative culture by creating vitality-centered education.

Seven years ago, from the rich community and landscape of Floyd, VA, and the care of those who deeply longed for a more vital and creative culture, Springhouse emerged. Now with a vibrant and devoted community to tend to it, Springhouse thrives as an exemplar in vitality-centered education.

Springhouse was founded in the Blue Ridge mountains, on Tutelo land, in 2014 by Dr. Jenny Finn, Joe Klein, and Ezekiel Fugate. The school was originally located at the Floyd Ecovillage, moved to the Floyd Center for the Arts, and then was given a location (formerly the Blue Ridge Chinese Medicine Clinic) to use permanently in 2018; an 11-acre farm in a structure built by local builders and woodworkers. Springhouse had start-up financial support from the Bauers Wall Foundation and the Kalliopeia Foundation, as well as receiving income from tuition in our 7th-12th grade school. Springhouse is reimagining the economics of this educational design, and currently receives income from tuition, grants, and fundraising.

Springhouse envisions a regenerative culture where all people are connected to the vitality within themselves, their community, and the Earth. Our mission is to awaken a vitality-centered education that empowers people to courageously respond to the world’s emerging needs. Springhouse offers a day school program for 7th-12th graders, coming of age programs for pre-teens and teens, and personal development programs for adults that strengthen our communities. Springhouse is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is governed by a Board of Trustees, directed by a Head of School, supported by a highly dedicated staff, and informed by an Advisory Council.

At Springhouse, learners actively engage in experiences oriented around vitality, like building a 22-foot sailboat, getting to know community and place by taking a 48-mile walking trip,  or organizing community conversations on race. They know that becoming more vibrant and courageous people is what the world needs.

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