Sequoia and Kings Canyon

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47050 Generals Highway Three Rivers, CA 93271

A Land of Giants

Huge mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, vast caverns, and the world’s largest trees exemplify the diversity of landscapes, life, and beauty here. Explore these pages to learn about the plants and animals here and the threats they face. Our ancient giant sequoias may seem invincible, but they, too are vulnerable.

KNP Complex Fires Information on InciWeb

Learn more about the status of the KNP Complex fires (Colony and Paradise fires) in Sequoia National Park.

Current Conditions

Check this page for seasonal updates and details about what to expect, including information about wildfire closures.

AirNow Fire and Smoke Map

Check AirNow’s Fire and Smoke Map of the area for current updates on air quality conditions.

FAQs-KNP Complex Fires

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the current KNP Complex fires, and related facilities and service closures.

Explore Sequoia Groves

Whether you see them from your car or hike to a remote grove, giant sequoias inspire awe and wonder.

Giant Sequoias

Learn more about these magnificent trees, and the important role of fire in giant sequoia ecosystems.

Giant Sequoias and Fire

Learn more about the role fire plays in giant sequoia groves.

Plan Your Visit

Looking for tips to help plan your trip? Start here for information about camping, lodging, driving, and more.

Store Food to Protect Wildlife

Bears are active day and night. When camping or picnicking, all food, trash, and any item with a scent must be stored in food-storage boxes.

Air Quality

Ozone and other air pollutants are common here. Learn more-view our air-quality index forecast.


Check here for details to help you plan your camping trip.


Learn more about backpacking in these parks. Wilderness awaits!


Four lodges operate within Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, including two that are open year-round.

Watching Wildlife

Keep yourself and park animals safe with these tips for watching wildlife.

General Safety

Whether you trek into wilderness or stay close to your car, review tips on staying safe in these parks.

Day Hiking

Get out and explore! Wander through sequoia groves, look deep into wilderness, or experience wildlife.

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