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10319 Leolang ave Sunland, California

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Our Focus is to start a healthy and sustainable living community movement with no impact on natural resources, where people come together and celebrate life in peaceful environment.

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Permia is a concept Project that is in process of forming an intentional community combined with future holistic retreat center with massive food forest and can be located anywhere in the world. Permia named after Permaculture, The community aspires to be a sustainable farming community with a eco-village mentality of around 60 Domes, “Sand Bag style” where people live in peace and harmony with the land and each other.

The Land of Permia is residing on 52 Acres to cater 40 to 50 residents and we also in process of building a 50 Acres for holistic and Retreat center called “Integral Serenity” that will caters 40 single or 80 couples or anyone who like to come and stay for a week and enjoy and rejuvenate we will also build an 20 acres for Food forest, Running water is a plus on land, but well will be utilized and community captures all rain water from every dome, This project requires total of 122 acres of land with trees, vegetation, pond or a small creek that runs through the property and man made lakes.

Permia is aspires to create a small eco-friendly community with a working farm. Community has a Common Big Dome 20’x40’ “Community Center”, Restaurant 40’x40’, Theater 20’x40’, Library 20’x40’, Doctor office 20’x40’, Office 20’x40’, Soccer field, Basketball court, 2 Chicken coop 20’ in diameter, Student Dorms 20’ in diameter to cater up to 48 students and 5 dome classes 20’x40’ of 25 student in each dome at any given time, community garden of 200’x100’ within the community close to kitchen area, Outdoor concert stage.

The Permia has selected a basic dome design for the habitat and adopted guidelines around sustainability, efficiency, regenerative, renewable, off-grid with zero waste, everything is used from the land or shop local.

Finally, Permia is looking for a good people to help-out either as volunteer, Member or Resident to move this awesome and huge project to the next level the community is working diligently on questions of financing the development. The goal is to find an anthropologist investor who think and believe the same and like to take the idea to next level and live on the property and be part of the family or Grants and donations. Permia will require around 40 active residents, who work and live on the property and each resident/member must attain 3 trade and/or specialty to be able to join the community and pay one time refundable fee to kick off the project. The group will combine of many backgrounds diverse and has ongoing conversations about how to increase diversity of age and ethnicity.

Permia uses a Sociocracy governance system, and while Sociocracy has proven to be quite efficient in making certain decisions.

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