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19000 Caves Hwy Cave Junction, OR 97523

Discover the Marble Halls of Oregon

Deep within the Siskiyou Mountains are dark, twisting passages that await your discovery.  Eons of acidic water seeping into marble rock created and decorated the wondrous “Marble Halls of Oregon.” Join a tour, get a taste of what caving is all about, and explore a mountain from the inside and out.

Duration: 4 minutes, 56 seconds

Watch this video to learn more about Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve and what to expect when you visit.


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Cave Tours

Come discover the marble halls of Oregon on one of our three guided tours of the cave.

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How to get to Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.


Camp out under the stars at one of our 17 first-come first-serve campsites.


No food at park. Chateau Closed for Repair and Rehabilitation.

Circle of Discovery

Did you know that northern California and southern Oregon are home to seven national park sites? Explore the Circle of Discovery!

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