Ecovillage La Cite Ecologique of NH

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85 Angels Road,, Colebrook, NH 03576

To develop an ecovillage that gives priority to sustainable education and wellbeing of its members.

To create a micro-society with a high quality of life by providing holistic education to all generations, financial sufficiency by creating our own businesses, secure environment and where everyone can explore their full potential.

Our Story:

In 1984, 30 families and 15 individuals from diverse professional backgrounds embarked on a new adventure. They sold all of their personal assets to invest in what is now known as La Cite Ecologique: “The Ecological City”. In the following years, we grew our organic garden, became a living-learning center and began our alternative school which was approved by the Educational System of Quebec.

In 1991, Kheops International was founded in Quebec, Canada as our wholesale business. We only sold three Glass Art products: pyramids, incense holders, and candle bases. In 1994, Kheops International opened its USA division in Florida with members of the community. We remained there for nine years with due diligence in increasing our product selection.

Through this time, it became apparent that if we were closer ‘to the parent company’ in Canada, we could better serve our customers and decrease our eco-footprint. Also as an Ecovillage, we consistently prioritized the wellness of our members. In doing so, we realized that it would be better to relocate in a place that will enable us to grow our food and develop our own alternative school. The search for a new location continued until we found the perfect location spot in Colebrook, New Hampshire.

In 2003, we purchased 315 acres of land in the North Country region and established the Cite Ecologique of NH Ecovillage. In 2007, we started our organic gardens and schooling group, our two centric focuses.

Today, we continue our mission of perpetuating an awakening of consciousness that allows for the spreading of peace throughout the world.

Membership & Visitors

  • Current members: 40
  • Open to new members
  • Open to visitors

We are looking forward to welcoming new members!

However, the process of integrating an Ecovillage can seem long but definitely pays off on the long run. Both parties have to take time to get to know each other before making this kind of commitment. Open-mindedness, patience, and communication are the backbones of healthy relationships.

First Step
Come and visit us for a week or a weekend. Please contact us at least two weeks in advance. Visit our website to download and complete our application form.

It is very important for us to meet you in person before you take further steps in joining the community. We want to make sure both parties understand and respect each other’s values, mission, purpose and lifestyles.

Second Step
New potential members can come and visit our Ecovillage for three weeks or two stays of two weeks (All family members who wish to join the community must attend). This gives you time to see if you find community living suitable and for us to get to know you.

During your visits, you will participate in community meals and take part in community services. For parents who want to bring their children, we request that one parent stays with the children at all times. Depending on your child’s age, attitude and behavior, they may be able to participate in our cooperative school activities.

Third Step
After visiting La Cite Ecologique of NH for a few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to request to become a “provisional member”. If the members of La Cite Ecologique decide to accept your request, you can start your one year trial. Depending on your skills and work experience, we might be able to find a job for you within the community businesses and/or services.

Fourth Step
If you have been a provisional member for at least one year, you may ask to become a permanent member during a monthly community meeting. The members may decide to grant your request or ask to renew your provisional membership for an additional period of time, instead.

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