Earthen Heart

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60927 County Road 380, Bangor, MI, 49013

Community Homestead and Re-Learning Center in Southwest Michigan, USA

Geographically speaking, Earthen Heart is a 20 acre homestead in Bangor, Michigan, USA. Located within the fruit belt and the heart of blueberry country with mostly a sandy loam soil, near many small lakes and 10 minutes from the Great Lake Michigan. It is within an hour or two of many cities, including: Chicago, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland, St. Joseph; and there is an Amtrak passenger train passing through Bangor daily on the Grand Rapids – Chicago line.

Earthen Heart is looking for short or long term guests who are interested in living in and creating a low-impact, high quality of life human habitat in a natural setting.  Our intention is to generate an increasing portion of our food and energy needs on site and to learn with each other as we are doing so. Fresh and value added processed foods are being produced and marketed in order to generate income.  There is a strong need for additional members who are interested in staying long term.

Membership & Visitors

  • Current members: 4
  • Open to new members

Looking for people to come for short or long term stay to participate in the Earthen Heart project. Room and board will be offered in exchange for the visitor working on various food, land and home related tasks during the stay. After 2-3 weeks future possibilities can be discussed such as: longer stay, income generating possibilities through the farm, collective land ownership, etc.

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