Down-to-Earth EcoShire

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  • 909731065
  • 41051 Cactus Valley Rd. Hemet, California 92544

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41051 Cactus Valley Rd. Hemet, California 92544

Mission Statement

Conservation and cutting edge sustainability applications for the the purpose of education funded through light recreation is what Down-To-Earth EcoShire is all about.

Community Description

We own a 35 acre EcoShire in Southern California and plan to expand to 80 acres as we grow to a target membership number somewhere between 10 and 25 of the right people. We are on the electrical grid but getting alternatives installed as soon as can be afforded. We are rural, but have quick and easy access to major cities. All of our development is and will be made to integrate into the environment as seamlessly as possible. We currently have campsites with community bathroom but are busy building Earth-Integrated cabins (combined super adobe walls with foamcrete roof), a community center, food forest, permaculture gardening, natural swim pool, and too many other things to list here. Full members pay for a membership fee to co-own all the company’s property, pay low monthly dues to cover taxes and insurance, and contribute a minimum of 4 hours per week toward community determined projects. Full members also receive an adjacent lot with it’s own parcel number for building a private residency. The land is being restored from many years of neglect, but it is beautiful and we own it outright, along with a 2015 small Kubota tractor and a 14ft dump trailer. We have two functioning wells and have put in main irrigation lines all over the property. Our huge community garden is something worth your visit. We can expand to adjacent properties as we grow in membership. We also allow volunteers and invite guests to visit the “Shire.” We have open house on the second Sunday of each month. Check our website and calendar or contact us for more information!

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