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Western United States includes 13 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

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Permia Community

Mission Statement

Our Focus is to start a healthy and sustainable living community movement with no impact on natural resources, where people come together and celebrate life in peaceful environment.

Community Description

Permia is a concept Project that is in process of forming an intentional community combined with future holistic retreat center with massive food forest and can be located anywhere in the world. Permia named after Permaculture, The community aspires to be a sustainable farming community with a eco-village mentality of around 60 Domes, “Sand Bag style” where people live in peace and harmony with the land and each other.

The Land of Permia is residing on 52 Acres to cater 40 to 50 residents and we also in process of building a 50 Acres for holistic and Retreat center called “Integral Serenity” that will caters 40 single or 80 couples or anyone who like to come and stay for a week and enjoy and rejuvenate we will also build an 20 acres for Food forest, Running water is a plus on land, but well will be utilized and community captures all rain water from every dome, This project requires total of 122 acres of land with trees, vegetation, pond or a small creek that runs through the property and man made lakes.

Permia is aspires to create a small eco-friendly community with a working farm. Community has a Common Big Dome 20’x40’ “Community Center”, Restaurant 40’x40’, Theater 20’x40’, Library 20’x40’, Doctor office 20’x40’, Office 20’x40’, Soccer field, Basketball court, 2 Chicken coop 20’ in diameter, Student Dorms 20’ in diameter to cater up to 48 students and 5 dome classes 20’x40’ of 25 student in each dome at any given time, community garden of 200’x100’ within the community close to kitchen area, Outdoor concert stage.

The Permia has selected a basic dome design for the habitat and adopted guidelines around sustainability, efficiency, regenerative, renewable, off-grid with zero waste, everything is used from the land or shop local.

Finally, Permia is looking for a good people to help-out either as volunteer, Member or Resident to move this awesome and huge project to the next level the community is working diligently on questions of financing the development. The goal is to find an anthropologist investor who think and believe the same and like to take the idea to next level and live on the property and be part of the family or Grants and donations. Permia will require around 40 active residents, who work and live on the property and each resident/member must attain 3 trade and/or specialty to be able to join the community and pay one time refundable fee to kick off the project. The group will combine of many backgrounds diverse and has ongoing conversations about how to increase diversity of age and ethnicity.

Permia uses a Sociocracy governance system, and while Sociocracy has proven to be quite efficient in making certain decisions.

The Lavra

Mission Statement

We serve as a gathering space for the wider community. We enjoy supporting sustainable farming methods, the arts, educational initiatives, and creative building models. We also enjoy celebrating change and transitions, including through solstice celebrations and other gatherings. We hope to encourage a more reflective and cooperative society.

Community Description

We are located on 5 acres outside of San Luis Obispo, CA. Our community feels rural, but is only a few minutes away from town. We host WWOOFERs and other volunteers from around the world to help on our organic farm and learn small-scale farming and building methods. We offer workshops, lectures, and celebrations throughout the year that are meant to connect the wider community to each other through positive and educational interactions.

The kitchen and living area of the main house acts as a hub open to friends and visitors to the Lavra. We also hold events in our multi-use room in the main house, in which we do yoga/movie nights/music nights/public lectures. We also have a large vegetable garden, vineyard, and an animal area with chickens and milking goats.

Tierra Nueva Cohousing

Mission Statement

connection sustainability

Community Description

 We are a multi-generational community set in a beautifully landscaped avocado orchard on California’s Central Coast. We are midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, just 20 minutes south of San Luis Obispo (home of California Polytechnic University). Just 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean, including the majestic Oceano Dunes, we’re surrounded by Central Coast’s wine country. While we live in a private, quiet, safe setting, our neighbor, Pismo Beach, is a bustling travel destination with fun-filled activities and stunning views of the ocean. Even the monarch butterflies love coming here every year. Our 27 homes are passive solar designed, our Common House incorporates solar energy, and members are welcomed to participate in the community garden. (As a bonus, we are next door to a pesticide free farm overflowing with a variety of produce.) Members enjoy a yoga studio, workshop, trampoline, solar composter, playground, and a large Common House with guest rooms, big screen TV room, library, craft room, dining and kitchen areas. Though it takes energy and time to maintain this beautiful land and keep up with the business needs of cohousing, we value play as much as work! We have common meals each week (including potlucks) and a variety of social gatherings throughout the year. Our time together tending the community is rewarding. After all, we’re nurturing connection and securing the future of our investment. We welcome your visit to our beautiful home!

Oak Creek Commons

Mission Statement

cohousing community

Community Description

<div> Oak Creek Commons is a cohousing community dedicated to creating a sense of community through joint activities and meals. Our homes are on 4.4 acres, with adjoining 10 acres of California oak woodlands. We have thriving gardens and an orchard. Community members built a children’s play structure and contributed to building a workshop. We have common meals two days a week, as well as Saturday-morning bagels and TGIF parties. In addition to enjoying pool and spa, we have big meals for Thanksgiving and solstice and have a (more or less!) fabulous 4th of July parade.
Many members are highly active in local sustainability and other green efforts, and some are politically active locally. We welcome having more children in the community.
Paso Robles, the site of Oak Creek Commons, is a charming and growing town of 29,000 in the heart of the Central Coast wine country (as in the movie “Sideways”). We have bright clear sunny days most of the year. We are midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and 30 minutes from Pacific beaches on the coast. There are great bicycling and hiking opportunities nearby, as well as a large amateur arts community, good musical opportunities, and many interesting activities year-round, such as antique car shows, wine and olive festivals, a country fair, etc. Our community is surrounded by a countryside of gorgeous rolling hills with vineyards, oaks, wild grasses, and a springtime wildflower heaven nearby. We are 27 miles from the “big city” of San Luis Obispo, a charming college town (California Polytechnic) with fun shops and bistros.


Mission Statement

Who is Vivante? It start’s with an Expanded Vision of Home Love through Evidence! Purpose To create cohesive systems, accentuating the whole-human as a standard of living. Inspire a three-hundred-and-sixty degree view of the individual, a group and the world. To identify “what is” as accurately as possible. Our mission includes Establish models for “living it at home”: Who am I, who are you, who are we? Develop models that include all human parts: economic, intellectual, physical, psychological, sexual, social, and spiritual. Research strategies – gathered from the experience of living with a group – for human intentional evolution which have shown specific outcomes for personal and group awareness: to see “what is”, with the intent to further Life. Document and share discoveries for a “whole” vision of humanity as we live with each other: “The way to peace is by knowing ourselves, a lifelong examined life.”

Community Description

Accelerating humans into their potential

Changing your view of you The Vivante Community is both a location and a decade-plus selected and developed group of social structures. These social structures, and the group of individuals whom reside together or participate, are referred to as Vivante.

Through experience, this group chooses and engineers systems that have the best results to discover what our personal inner condition “is”.

What might be possible as we become more aware of who we are individually and who we are in relationship to others?

We recognize this awareness springs forth from moving in the direction of self-responsibility, transparency, and compassion; while living together, finding strategies that might reveal Love as a state of being.

Coastal Roots Farm

Coastal Roots Farm is a nonprofit community farm and education center where we nourish connections—to ourselves, our neighbors, and the land. Inspired by Jewish wisdom and centuries-old agricultural traditions, we practice sustainable farming and share our harvest with communities that lack access to healthy food. Our goal is to become a model for community farming and creative Jewish expression, both at home in Encinitas, California, and around the world.

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Meadowsong EcoVillage

Our mission is to explore, sustain, and share the values and practices of sustainable living.

WHO WE ARE:  “Meadowsong Ecovillage is an intentional community of educators, eco-entrepreneurs, and cultural creatives, located in Dexter, OR.” 

VISION:  We envision the full maturation of a multigenerational, bioregionally adapted, culturally innovative community, committed to long-term stewardship of its land and culture.

  • MISSION:  Our mission is to explore, sustain, and share the values and practices of indefinitely sustainable living.  
  • VALUES:  We are guided by the core understanding that we exist completely interdependent with each other and all of life.  From this understanding, we participate fully in our community and ecology.
  • AIMS:  
  • the creation of resilient dwellings/ infrastructure
  • the use of appropriate technologies on our site
  • the growth of sustainable and secure food systems
  • the development and recruitment of educational micro-businesses
  • practicing and refining our community’s interpersonal communication, governance processes, and related systems of community maintenance and growth.
  • networking and collaborating with our neighbors to create a more resilient neighborhood.

Membership & Visitors

  • Current members: 45
  • Open to new members
  • Open to visitors

If you are interested in joining our community, please explore our website to learn more about who we are. If we feel like a good fit for you, you may email sitemanager@lostvalley.org to begin the application process.

Heartwood Cohousing

To create a community that fosters harmony with each other, the larger community, and Nature.

We are a rural cohousing community in Southwest Colorado made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life. In our 24 homes, we represent a diversity of ages and family units. Our vision is to form strong community connections and nurture the planet. We are an established, close-knit, and thriving community.

We are now developing a second phase of 14 homes, planning to complete construction in 2022. We are welcoming new Phase 2 members. For lots of information about our community, check out our website at www.heartwoodcohousing.com.

We are blessed to live where the sun shines over 300 days each year and where the San Juan Mountains and red rock canyons of the Colorado Plateau are close enough for a day hike. ​​The land we own and steward is 361 acres of pine forest, meadows, and pastureland.

We are a multigenerational community that welcomes families with kids. Heartwood has always been an amazing place for kids to grow up and still is – lots of freedom and safety so kids can roam, play, and explore with their friends.

We each own our own home and yard and pursue our own interests and livelihood while sharing this beautiful piece of land, a common house, greenhouses, workshop, gardens, 65 acres of farm and pasture land, 7 miles of trails, and numerous other resources. And most importantly, we share a vision to live in close community with one another.

Membership & Visitors

  • Current members: 55
  • Open to new members
  • Open to visitors

NW Agrivillage

Combining village living, permaculture farming, and supported by participatory decision making.

We envision living and working in a community of like-minded individuals pitching in together to steward the land that takes care of us and future generations. Our community balances autonomy with shared responsibility, meaningful work with play, and diversity with shared values. NW Agrivillage is a residential community in Western Washington designed for healthy living, connecting with nature and one another, and member-run microenterprises, all within the context of the permaculture ethics of earth care, people care, and fair shares.

Membership & Visitors

  • Open to new members
  • Not open to visitors

We are in the process of forming the community. We have land under contract, but the sale is not complete. The design process should begin in Summer 2020. Visit our webpage for additional information including signing up for online informational sessions.

The Wild Cooperative

Cultivating bio-centric lifestyle where all life is part of our family and relatives.

We are a small rural community that cultivates cooperative and facilitating relationship with nature and each other and that shares the knowledge of our regenerative and responsible living experiences. We are a permaculture education and demonstration site. We are creating a natural and regenerative ecosystem that energizes all life, allows for individual growth, and shares and returns the surplus of energy and knowledge. This healthy village with resilient social, cultural, economic, educational, and ecological guilds is a building block of a biotic culture.

Membership & Visitors

  • Current members: 4
  • Open to new members
  • Open to visitors


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