Earth Harmony Habitats

Mission Statement

To create a micro-community of affordable homes that are aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and uses only the electricity, water and vegetables than can be harvested from the land.

Community Description

What if you lived in a house that captured all its own energy, harvested all its own water, and grew all its own vegetables?

For starters, your electricity and water bills would be zero. Your produce cost for vegetables would be zero.

Living in a home with zero net impacts means your pollution contribution from heating, cooling and operating your household is net zero over the course of a year.

But probably most important, you would be one of the few folks in the Industrial world to flourish in a home that lives within its equitable share of earth’s carrying capacity. Zero pollution, zero adverse impacts.

The project consists of 4 octagon‐shaped structures – small in footprint, but whose design results in comfortably sized homes living as an intentional community.

The homes are designed to be affordable for present and future generations for two reasons: 4 homes share a lot conventionally made for one home and two, the land is not owned by the homeowner but held by a local Land Trust.

Designed for today’s ecoconscious urban families, couples, or individuals seeking a way to live sustainably, the Earth Harmony Habitat harvests all its own electricity and rainwater, capture and compost all its own wastes and water, and grow all its own vegetables within an annual basis. The homes represent a way to flourish within an equitable amount of earth’s carrying capacity without sacrificing the comforts of modern life.

Tierra Nueva Cohousing

Mission Statement

connection sustainability

Community Description

 We are a multi-generational community set in a beautifully landscaped avocado orchard on California’s Central Coast. We are midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, just 20 minutes south of San Luis Obispo (home of California Polytechnic University). Just 2 miles from the Pacific Ocean, including the majestic Oceano Dunes, we’re surrounded by Central Coast’s wine country. While we live in a private, quiet, safe setting, our neighbor, Pismo Beach, is a bustling travel destination with fun-filled activities and stunning views of the ocean. Even the monarch butterflies love coming here every year. Our 27 homes are passive solar designed, our Common House incorporates solar energy, and members are welcomed to participate in the community garden. (As a bonus, we are next door to a pesticide free farm overflowing with a variety of produce.) Members enjoy a yoga studio, workshop, trampoline, solar composter, playground, and a large Common House with guest rooms, big screen TV room, library, craft room, dining and kitchen areas. Though it takes energy and time to maintain this beautiful land and keep up with the business needs of cohousing, we value play as much as work! We have common meals each week (including potlucks) and a variety of social gatherings throughout the year. Our time together tending the community is rewarding. After all, we’re nurturing connection and securing the future of our investment. We welcome your visit to our beautiful home!

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