We are all part of the land it gives us life

People need to be more connected to the land. Nature is the source of many things protecting it is a good thing. In the city a lot of people take it for grated. There are many that feel that environmentalism is just a bunch of bullshit. Well for those people we can’t help. For the ones that do they have to become a stronger voice. Demonstrating is not our way. We fell people have to be prepared for the worst and strive to be better and stronger that the rest. For the young they will be facing many challenges that were caused by the people that came before them that just did not care for future generations. Many older people lived in a different time in America. They see things by looking at the past and not the future. Many new innovations can change the world the children need to look to what will be best for their future. Than means looking to companies they could start or be part of. ” Be the change you want to see ” We will be exploring mew companies and products people should know about. New ways of building and renovating old housing to be more green. ECO Scouts is always looking for new possibilities and to promote companies and products. Be apart of our organization by letting us know about things that are helpful to others interested in the environment.

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