Make money and use that money to invest in the earth

Where people invest can change the world

ECO-Scouts is working on useful tips on investing. Where you spend your time and money has a great effect on the future. You can get stared a a young age too. Parents and children can do this together. We look at it to learn to make money and use that money to invest in the earth. One thing that is needed is for the people to own the land. Land is one thing they make no more of. You can only own it and develop it to be a force to for you to continuing to live or exist and heal the planet. Raw land in the hands of large corporations does not help people survive in the trying times to come. Living in the city they way they built things is to put ans many people in the smallest place as they can just to make more money off of them. From property taxes to connecting to ulitities you pay for. Then investors come along for all over the world to buy it and drive the price up. You have to start from the ground floor to really make it work to benefit people. If you own land to use it in organic food production it will capture more carbon and create clean air and better food. ( Click here and get stated investing for kids 7 -18 years old )

It is never too early or late to learn how to make your money a tool to change the world. There are now many options for people to invest in what will build a better future for all. Children should be partners with their parents and family to learn to put money in what will make the future a better place. We all buy things and what you buy creates a demand. If you buy an electric car instead you a gas car it cases change. There is a new age of possibilities and challenges. One thing that people can’t make more of is land. Everyone needs a place to grow. Just think if you were a parent saving for the future of their children. You could put your money in a a bank and only make about 1% a year on return. That may not even keep up with the normal rate of inflation and it won’t change the world. You have to do many things hands on to get good with them learning to manage money will help you with everything you may want to do. Here we will try to focus on land and developing it for the benift of people and the evoirment.

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