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We have developed ECO-Scouts as a public service site for people to learn and spread awareness about climate change and what people can do. To contact us use the support chat and leave your email address, Call us , or join our site. We fund our organization by helping people, organizations and companies of any kind and donations. We offer marketing and website management and development. Support us by joining us or come to a Zoom meeting to share your ideas too.

Managed WordPress

As low as $3.99 a Month Hosting, Apps and Development All the tools you need to create beautiful websites. We have a place for any company or person that wants a great place to build a website. Over the years we have made and maintained many websites for companies and organizations. Now we have come up with a plan for people that want to learn and build websites for people, companies and organizations. We provide managed website hosting and the support and know how to build websites. Interact with customers and others with easy. We have come up with a simple and fast way to get sites up and going. Plugins expand what your site can do. Each one is different and the best way we can explain it is that your website system is just a framework. The install of just WordPress is capable of building just a basic website. With plugins it take your site to the next level and really allows you to do business or interact with others. With your site we also install the best plugins that you will need to get your site going.

We design and develop websites

Plans start at just $3.99 a month for a do it yourself plan to $25 a month for a full design managed plan

Domain Names

  • Free Domain with our custom plan
  • Use your existing domain name
  • Free SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

Admin Area

  • E-Mail mail accounts for your domain name
  • 100’s of Free WordPress Templates for your website set up

Collaborator Access

1000’s of Plugins to chose from. Like Woo Ecommerce system for buying or selling of goods and services

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