You should own land

If we were going to stop climate change it is too late to stop catastrophic events now happening. The climate change events are now in the news weekly. From now on it will take a united effort to reverse the damage that has already be done. This has to be done on a personal level too.

The world will be shaped by all the previous generations that did not meet the challenge of climate change. The effects of climate change are already being felt around the world, and they are only going to get worse if we do not take action.
Here are some of the ways that climate change is already shaping the world:
• Rising sea levels: Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, and this is causing flooding and erosion in coastal areas. Millions of people are already being displaced by rising sea levels, and this number is only going to increase in the future.
• More extreme weather events: Climate change is causing more extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, floods, and droughts. These events are causing widespread damage and loss of life.
• Changes in agricultural yields: Climate change is also causing changes in agricultural yields. This is leading to food shortages and price increases.
• Spread of diseases: Climate change is also leading to the spread of diseases. This is because warmer temperatures and more extreme weather events are creating ideal conditions for the spread of diseases.
The world will be a very different place if we do not take action to address climate change. The effects of climate change are already being felt, and they are only going to get worse if we do not act now.
Here are some of the things that we can do to address climate change:
• Reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases: This can be done by switching to renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.
• Adapt to the effects of climate change: We need to prepare for the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels, more extreme weather events, and changes in agricultural yields.
• Invest in research and development: We need to invest in research and development to find new ways to reduce emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change.
Climate change is a serious challenge, but it is not insurmountable. If we all work together, we can address climate change and create a more sustainable future for our planet.

The problem is just too big to leave to governments. We must hope for the best but prepare for the worst. There are a lot of people that will be victims and have to relocate. Our plan is to create a path and blueprint for survival and safe places to relocate to. People anywhere are welcome to build on our plans and ideas or give us yours to share. We will present ideas and plans to build better housing and survival communities. Buying land is one of the best investments on can make. We must put this idea first, whoever owns the land controls the future. There is a little controversy about immigration. Wake up! Even in Mexico you have to be a citizen to own land in that country. America lets anyone from any country buy land and business here in America. All Americans should own land here and buy it up so mainly Americans own America. Raw land can be the greatest factor when it comes to reverting climate change. Ones with the mindset to protest should use their energy and money working with nature. Land has the power to do many things for you and the planet. Carbon sequestration is a naturally occurring process but happens when land is used and cultivated to make that happen. Using part of your land to do this makes an impact on the environment. Buy building from the ground up can result in getting much more than you can get from investing in just buying a home or condo. For on thing conventional housing built in the past does not take advantage of the technologies of today and lots of older structures are not designed to withstand the kind of weather changes of the future. Developing raw land has never been more possible. You can create your own energy and don’t need to be connected to any grid or dependent on any utility company. Ever phone, internet and all communications can now be done by starlink. That means you could live and build in many places that are far away from cities. Being self sufficient and independent is key in survival. When you take on a mortgage for say about 400,000 you will end up paying at current rates a payment of about 2,800.00 an month and the home will coast over 1,000,000.00 at the end of 30 years. That means you will pay about 600,000 in interest and fees. If you were to finance 100,000 to buy land your payments would be not more than 600 a month. Your property taxes and insurance on a $400,000 dollar home is about 600 a month. The average car payment is about 600 a month. We think building a place in your community of for your family for future generations would be one of the best investments you can make.

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