Land “it’s all about the Earth”

Steve Jobs was a visionary. “Think different” I thinks was his most famous tag line. When it come to looking for the solution to the environmental problems that is a requirement. We all live on a planet hurling thru space so in a sense we are all space travelers on star ship earth. This planet is always changing and evolving. The biggest impact on earth now is man kinds footprint. Things will have to get worse before the human race try’s to solve the big problems and wakes up. One thing that you can not make is more land on the earth. For 20 years I have been telling people and for the most part it always falls on deft ears. So now I focus on people that can hear, think and see the problem that mankind will face. The impact is now in full view as weather events happen weekly in one part of the world or other. One solution is change the way we live. The way housing and cities are build currently is not the best it could be. In most places conventional housing does not have much land area. Housing is built to make banks, builders, corporations that own rentals, insurance companies and cities rich in taxes. As we become more of a have and have not population home ownership is just a dream to many. The American dream is no longer for everyone. Poor and working class people that just live in a state of being renters is not a good thing for anyone except the real estate corporations and landlords that own where they live. All properties should have way more land area. Captures carbon and heals the planet. Carbon sequestration is a naturally occurring process that happens when you have a lush backyard, raw land or planting plants that produce CO2 and absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, and bind it into biomass. Traditional building gives you limited land area. ECO Scouts is working with members and investors to buy land to develop in a new way. Some members are working on plans for developing land area that will not only be beautiful gardens and outdoor space but absorb carbon and provide living space and housing and industrial space for investor/members. We strongly encourage people to buy as much raw land area as they can and save it for the task of carbon sequestration and future generations. One of the reasons why people will move to safer areas in the future will be because they are climate migrants or victims of a changing planet. Climate change will change everyone and the world in the future. Some people want to build organizations to protest. We think it is more effective to work together with people that want to buy land, build and do things. We have done extensive research on the best places in America to live that are natural resistant to climate change. We found there is no place on earth that will not be effected. However there are lots of places that will be effected in extreme ways. Not only will the Climate will be changing but will cause all kinds of financial distress. In the end is will cost more the world wars, collapse companies and governments. Climate Change create a lot of confusion and stress in all kinds of ways. The world will change no matter if you want it or not. To depend of anyone or the government to solve this problem is not realistic. People have to make a change in their goals and purpose in life and move forward. Young people going to school have a lot of time before they have to have a job or finish their education. They should not take things as certain in their lives by listing to people that are preparing you for a world that has no plan for survival. You will need not only to have a plan A for things as they are but a plan B and maybe C if things go real bad.

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