Join the War for Ukraine

While people are victims and everyone is paying at the pump the oil companies are making record profits. Governments pay for wars and oil companies profit even more when there are shortages. There is something we can do about it. This is not only a problem with Russia it is a problem all over the world. The ECO Scouts will publish news and information and help get funds to benefit Ukraine. Join our fight for freedom from the oil industry. In the immediate future this war may be the beginning of world war 3 and everyone should be prepared for a wake up call. Freedom from oil can bring about lots of benefits in many ways for everyone. Ukraine is showing the world what freedom is all about and what is holding everyone back for a future world that is a better one. America has become divided and dysfunctional in just understanding what it stands for. Ukraine is bringing things in focus and showing everyone what greed and what an authoritarian government can do. Oil is the root of all kinds of problems. Russia is ruled by the few for their own gains and that is what happens when this kind of government grows. If we are going to create a world where people can live and a be free this is not the way. Unfortunately you can not stop many things but you can create new paths to making things better. The first thing people have to do is lose their addiction to oil and gas. Clear energy is now cheaper that dirty energy. Here are a few ideas you can post or join us too to add yours. Do not buy a new car that runs on gas. People should start being not consumers in things that make dirty energy needed. Keep your car on the road till you are ready to buy a car more eco friendly all car makers are offering electric and hybrid cars. As the production goes up and the demand for gas cars goes down. That is what you will be probable driving in the future. ECO Scouts is all about sharing ideas so please join us add your ideas and knowledge too. Take a good look at where you money goes and how you live. The world is a network of supply and demand. Where people spend money is what creates the demand. There is only so much oil, air and land in the world. Climate change is a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger. The time to think and do different things in a different way is here. We are watching what is going on in Ukraine and it looks like we all have to fight for freedom from people, governments and companies that keep things the way there are. People will always need some type of way to power homes and cars. Why not be part of the change learn about solutions and use clean energy. To reduce the need for oil directly impacts our wars and dictators that use oil to further their hold over everyone.

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