The Legal way of funding

Each chapter of ECO-Scouts is owned by the chapter organizer.

They are in charge of collecting donations or offering fundraising products to the general public. We’re a Not for profit business so the way each chapter works is as their own entity. There isn’t  shame of  collecting donations. The most famous person’s that has raised the most amount of money but,  as long as you receive the money in the name of the person as an individual that is all you need to be legal. Anyone can receive money as a gift you don’t need to be a legal organization or non-profit. This is commonly done in religion the money is gifted to a person. That person has to declare the money as income for any tax reasons. ECO-Scouts in California is not responsible for your income. That is why each chapter belongs to an individual not the Not for Profit as a whole. We feel if you a good person trying to do something about climate change you will do the wise thing with the money you collect. You should use it for expenses you have plus use it to put on creative events. That could be for scouting trips or many other events that may work for your local community. Each group may have a different mix of people or needs. The founder and creator of the idea for ECO-Scouts focuses on creating news, websites, FaceBook, YouTube, Media and ideas. Meetings on-line will help everyone learn from each other.

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