Climate change activists help wanted

We have started an organization for climate change activists. You can do this in your own city in your extra time. If you have ever wanted to be your own boss this may be for you. This is only good for a person really interested in doing something about climate change. You can create your own type of meeting based on your ideas by working with our platform. We are looking for people to partner with that would like to start local chapters of ECO Scouts. ECO Scouts is a startup organization started by a 6 year old child. Our group encourages letting children be owners and part of this organization thru family ventures. We do this as a family project and a not a large non-profit. We provide support in things that may be needed to put on meetings of events. If this sounds interesting we have on-line Zoom events where you can meet the team. You would have to want to meet on-line. Just do a search on Meetup to find our group you will be an organizer so add yourself to the group at This is a way that you can be in charge of a ECO organization representing your region or city. This is a start up organization and we have a different way of doing things as other non-profits and people interested in climate activism. It would take just 2 hours of your time a month to put on a meeting. We run our group like a democracy and teach people to be enterprising. We are NOT a political group. Our group has experience with creating media, social networking and computer skills. We need your media too, we distribute media provide support, education and resources to help people to share social media. We are making movies and would like to include movies or clips you have made. Visit our YouTube Channel just search ECO Scouts. We teach you about running meeting and work with you anywhere you are thru the Internet. This can be a money making opportunity our group is based on making this profitable for members and the organizer. Having been involved with many social movements we have a fresh approach to making change possible. We have members that were in Occupy so we know what it’s like to be on the front line do you? However this is not an organization interested in demonstrations. We are interested in building for the future putting children first. A family orientated group interested in survival. Our goal is to build a profitable organization for the members. If this sounds interesting please contact us you can call or text (714) 786-8878 this is also our Skype number for on-line meetings and interviews. Our website can give you a good idea of what we are doing visit the blog section you can read articles about our mission to build and ECO network of climate change activists. This is an opportunity that does not require a lot of time on your part and can provide income and spread awareness about global warming. Perfect for students.

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