Fundraising for your chapter

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can raise money. First of all the Scout Leader will be responsible for taking money and spending the money that your chapter generates. Building an organization is like building a community. Everyone has different skills and talents. As a leader you should work with your group to find out what skills they have and what they are willing to do to move the group forward. Each group is different based on your members. I’m one of the founders and have been involved with large events all my working life. From rock concerts to state fair’s or more radical groups like Occupy. So I see demonstrating as ineffective and is not permanent. We need to build, inspire and prosper. We live in a capitalist society. Money is a tool to make change possible. There are a lot of groups that are models of both good and bad that we will take a look at. Girl Scouts is one of the great examples, when I think about them I think about cookies, do you? Well this is probable the most effective tool of all time to raise money. Think about that as a possibility. In your own circle of friends or people you meet in your meeting.You may want to take on some type of food item, hand made product or service that my be able to be used for generation a flow of money. Create industry and oppertunity within your own group. As one of the founders we are working on ideas and products that you will be able to offer with your chapter to generate income. For all meeting groups you have to make your meeting fun, interesting and informative and people need to feel that they have gained something or enjoyed the engagement. If you want them to continue to keep coming back.

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