Contact us we need your ideas

We are inviting people to contact with us we need your ideas. People can support our project by getting involved. Our group is developing this website as a platform for people interested in survival in the futures due to changes in the weather and climate change. We think that people have to re-think how they live and where they live. There are great options now for people to build better housing and better use of the land people have. All types of people are needed in any community and we are looking for people that want to buy into eco projects and others that are existing land owners that can see the need and understand that this can be a profitable thing for all that want to get involved in help others do the same. Our group is adding a directory of resources so there can benefit from peoples experiences and knowledge. If you have something to add you will be able to add your info and knowledge too. People that have homes and land can learn about people, products and services to improve, expand and make your property more eco friendly. As for the the majority of people that live in the city doing this would be a whole new way of life. The whole idea that we have is just making things possible. We feel people all ready have what they need to make this new way of living possible.

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